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Adult Diaper Production Line

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Adult Diaper Pad Machine
Adult Diaper Pad Machine

Adult diaper pad machine is used to produce disposable diaper products used by adults. The machine has high accuracy SAP scattering device. It can be adjusted and can run stably. We also make hospital or household diapers for incontinence ...

Adult Diaper Machine
Adult Diaper Machine

Adult diaper machine mainly produces disposable diaper and economic diaper products used by mild, moderate or severe incontinence patient. It is controlled automatically in production and does not need to be shut down or reduce the ...

Incontinence Pad Machine
Incontinence Pad Machine

The incontinence pad machine makes disposable products applied to mild or moderate incontinence patients. An incontinence pad can be specifically designed for either a man or woman, as well as for either day or night use. No matter what ...

Adult diaper production line mainly produces disposable diaper and economic diaper products used by mild, moderate or severe incontinence patients. They can also be used by adults in certain circumstances where access to a toilet is unavailable. These can include the elderly, those with a physical or mental disability, and people working in extreme conditions such as astronauts. Adult diapers are made up of cloth or disposable materials. Cloth diapers can be washed and reused multiple times while disposable diapers are thrown away after use.  Landytop Precision is one of China professional adult diaper machine manufacturers. Our company can produce three subclass machines of adult diaper production line, including adult diaper machinery, adult diaper pad machine and incontinence pad machine. The adult diaper machine can be also upgraded as per customer's reasonable requirements. According to specific product structure, we usually deliver machines within 6 to 7 months. For payment, you can choose T/T or L/C.

Advantages of Adult Diaper Production Line:
1. The design is reasonable in accordance with practical need.
2. The adult diaper machine owns SAP auto adding with amount control device.
3. Components have high processing precision.
4. Full-servo auto-controlling system is with high automation.
5. The adult diaper production line can mount the camera monitoring system, which can conduct on-line size checking, location inspecting, missing inspecting, stain spot scanning, etc. 
6. The equipment can run smoothly for a long time.
7. We can reach high yield and high production efficiency.

Shanghai Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of adult diaper machines in China. In addition to these products, we also provide sanitary napkin machine, baby diaper machinery, under pad machinery, maternity napkin production line, etc. Our products have gained the CE authenticate and the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System with their high quality. We follow strictly the standards for machinery industry formulated by the state. Our sales cover a wide range all over the world.