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1. When you complete a project of product application or achieve a production solution, what factors should be paid attention to?
Reasonable design, parts machining accuracy and material selection, assembly accuracy, fully debug.
2. What tools are used to complete a project of product application or production?
Large gantry milling, planer machine, drilling machine, CNC machining center, milling machine, lathe, grinder, bending machine and shearing machine.
3. What needs to be paid attention to when selecting tools or accessories?
Choose the best brand of processing tools to guarantee the machining precision and quality.
4. A successful case (preferably foreign):
Japan Hakujuji is a large company with more than one hundred years of history, specializing in the production of adult incontinence products. They chose and bought all equipments from the world's leading equipment processing factories before. In order to select new equipment suppliers, the company sent many professionals successively from different departments to all the equipment processing factories in China to carry on the inspection comprehensively from technical design, parts manufacturing, assembly inspection, quality control and the company management. Finally, Hakujuji Company chose to cooperate with our company after a comprehensive contrast in 2007. They entrusted our company to design and set up an adult diaper production line according to the sample provided by Hakujuji Company. Depend on our technical and manufacturing abilities, we successfully completed the production line of manufacturing, and delivered to them on time. The general manager checked and accepted it personally, and sent a thanks letter. He also gave a high evaluation to the high quality production line made by our company, decided to stop the operation with the original foreign production line and to use our company's production line with 24 hours working. All products were sold in Japan. From then on, we have established a good relationship of cooperation. In 2011, we cooperated again in underpad production line, and delivery factory runs smooth in 2012.
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