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Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine

Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine

Ultra-thin sanitary napkin is a very thin pad, which can be as absorbent as a regular or super pad but with less bulk. It brings women the benefit of comfort and a sense of freedom. Ultra core consists of SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) which ensures absorption and leaves the surface dry. Our ultra-thin sanitary napkin machine ishigh-efficient and stable sanitary napkin making line. It can produce easy-open packing, individual packing, straight packing as well as winged and wingless sanitary napkins. According to clients' requirements, we can choose different driving device to form full-servo, semi-servo and inverter controlled ultra-thin sanitary napkin machines. We should specially pay attention to full-servo convex type, which produces ultra-thin sanitary napkins following CE standard. We use plywood pallets with plastic film for packaging and container for delivery.

Advantages of Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine:
a. The drive is controlled by variable frequency.
b. Raw material unwinding is controlled by auto-controlling system.
c. There is PLC automatic controlling system, which is useful for automatic calculation and checking products data.
d. Touch screen is available for operation.  
e. We have correction device and a high degree of automation.
f. The rack machine is processed by the large gantry milling machine.
g. Parts use CNC with high processing precision, which can guarantee that the equipment can work fast and stably.
h. The ultra-thin sanitary napkin machine is designed in accordance with practical needs.
i. It is quite easy for operation, maintenance and further upgrade.
j. The machine wallboard is processed by the large gantry milling machine.

Shanghai Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ultra-thin sanitary napkin machines in China. In addition to these products, we also provide other sanitary napkin making lines, such as maternity napkin machine, hemostasia pad production line, pet diaper machine, pet pad machine and packing machine, etc. Our products have gained the CE authenticate and the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System with their high quality. We follow strictly the standards for machinery industry formulated by the state. Our sales cover a wide range all over the world.

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