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Full-Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine

Full-Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine

According to the way of device drivers, sanitary napkin machine is divided into full-servo, semi-servo and inverter controlled sanitary napkin machines. Full-servo sanitary napkin machine is driven by servo motor, so the conveying accuracy is high. We can produce a variety of women's sanitary napkin products, such as fluff pulp and ultra-thin sanitary napkins. The full-servo sanitary napkin machinery can also be used to produce winged type and wingless type women menstrual pad (sanitary towel), easy-open packing sanitary napkin, individual packing and straight packing sanitary napkin products. We customize different equipments according to clients' needs.

1. The interior system has the function of frequency analysis, thus we can detect mechanical resonance point to adjust system.
2. Full-servo sanitary napkin machine has a high control precision.
3. The machine works stably.
4. AC servo motor runs smoothly, so there is no vibration even at a low speed.
5. AC servo system has resonance suppression to cover the insufficient rigidity of machinery.
6.The machine wallboard is processed by the large gantry milling machine.

Shanghai Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sanitary napkin machinery, specializing in the production of full-servo sanitary napkin machines in China. In addition to these products, we also provide panty liner machine, baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, under pad machinery, etc. Our products have gained the CE authenticate and the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System with their high quality.

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